Prerequisites Training

In a Collaboration with Amazon Web Services

Your Journey Begins

With MCIT Practical Data Scientist Academy, your journey starts here.

Get prepared for the assessment online exam using these learning resources in order to be part of the program

These prerequisites self-based training courses and labs will help you understand the basics knowledge required during the training program and will prepare you for the program selection assessment

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*AWS Cloud Practitioner EssentialsDigital Training » Or Virtual Webinar »
Job Roles in the CloudDigital Training »
*AWS Security FundamentalsDigital Training » 
Getting Started with Cloud AcquisitionDigital Training »
AWS Well-Architected Digital Training »
AWS Foundations: Getting Started with the AWS Cloud EssentialsDigital Training »
AWS Foundations: Securing Your AWS CloudDigital Training »
AWS Compute Services OverviewDigital Training »
Amazon RDS Service Introduction Digital Training »
Introduction to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)Digital Training »
Introduction to Identity and Access Management (IAM) Digital Training »
Introduction to OrganizationsDigital Training »
Introduction to AWS Auto Scaling Digital Training »
Introduction to Amazon Elastic Load Balancer – ApplicationDigital Training »
Introduction to ContainersDigital Training »
*Databases offerings on AWSDigital Training »
*Data Analytics FundamentalsDigital Training »
*Demystifying AI/ML/DLDigital Training »
*AWS Foundations: Machine Learning BasicsDigital Training »
Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)Hands-On Lab »
Introduction to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)Hands-On Lab »
Introduction to Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)Hands-On Lab »
Introduction to Amazon CloudFrontHands-On Lab »
Practice Amazon EC2 on Free TierHands-On Lab »
Practice Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on Free TierHands-On Lab »
Store and Retrieve a File Practice on Free TierHands-On Lab »

* Mandatory digital course for program assessment – completion certificate is required